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4 ways to choose the right sealant for your flooring

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Business

Not all flooring solutions are water-resistant or repel stains, and that is the reason why sealants come to the rescue. Floors made up of material as that of sandstone tiles, wood, cork or even bricks retain moisture or stains, and that goes on to stay in its place permanently.

Sealants are chemical coatings that are applied on the floor surface while giving it a shiny and smooth look while also protecting it from staining and moisture retention. It could be the flooring for your new house, or when you are renovating your house and installing new flooring, sealants are something that you need to increase its longevity.

While sealants for cleaning and sealing are available in different types and variants, there is a need for you to look into multiple aspects before buying it.

Look for the brand name

When it is a brand that you choose, it will come with a guarantee. Just because it is popular, there is a need for them to maintain the consistency that would satisfy their customers. This would mean that they would help you with good quality products and that too for the right price. Choosing any random sealant for cleaning and sealing that you come across doesn’t vouch for the longevity of your flooring. Therefore, whenever you opt for sealants, buy only those that come with a guarantee.

Check if it suits your flooring type

Buying any random sealant and then realizing that it isn’t meant for your flooring type would be a waste of money. Check all that is written on the outsides of the sealant package and only then buy the one you need. Quite often, sealants for cleaning and sealing meant for other surfaces are showcased together with the ones for the floor. This may confuse you later, and that is why there is the need to check beforehand.

Take help from the floor installer

It could be that the installer comes along with you or you take instructions from him when you are out to buy sealants. He would help you out in a better way as it is his job to apply them on the dedicated floors. They know what is right and the type that you should purchase for your floors. They may also help you select the right brand and take you to a store that helps you with genuine quality products and cleaning chemicals fit for your flooring type.

Look for longevity

Installing floors is a task that cannot be undertaken every second day. The same goes for applying sealants to the floor to protect it. When you are buying a sealant, it should be something that would stay in place for a very long time. Even though with regular wear and tear, the sealant loses its luster and there is the need for applying another coat, you need to keep in mind that the first coat should be something that stays for long.

While you follow these instructions, it is necessary that you get help from professional floor installers who would help you with the installation, help you with the use of cleaning chemicals as well as the application of sealants.