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4 Reasons Glass Balustrade Installation around Pool is a Win-Win for Homeowners

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Home Improvement

Are you one of those people who has spent dollars on building a pool in your property? If yes, then you must know the importance for sure. However, have you ever thought of how much safe is your pool area? Plus, are unauthorised people using the pool?

Well, a dip by a child from your neighbourhood in your unattended pool will for sure going to put you at the risk of a serious lawsuit. However, proper fencing around the pool is going to save you from such mishaps. With several materials available for pool fencing in Sydney, selecting the right one is not only going to make the space safe but also aesthetically pleasing. The use of glass balustrade has been the game-changer so far.

The following are some of the top reasons why the house owners prefer the use of glass balustrade in Sydney for pool fencing—

glass balustrade in Sydney


  • Unhindered Glimpse of the Blue Water

A pool of blue water in between a lush green sprawling campus is always pleasing to eyes. Therefore, constructing a balustrade fencing around the pool is going to ensure that not only you but also the passers-by get an unobstructed view of the pool. In addition to this, the homeowners can watch their kids at play ascertaining that they are safe.

  • Least Maintenance, Repair & Replacement

The fencing with the other materials like steel frames, railings or iron posts seeks a lot of maintenance, regular repair, and replacement because of the damage or corrosion caused by the moisture. However, glass being non-reactive to all such damage can withstand for several years. It neither corrodes nor easily grows mould.

It is also very easy to clean. Some of the glass balustrades that are used as fencing come with a protective coating that does not allow the water splashes to create a spot on them.

  • Adds Beauty to the Pool Deck

In the world of construction, any glass attachment is considered a sign of luxury. Same is with the pool balustrades. Be it a semi-frameless or frameless glass balustrade; it is always a luxurious addition to any pool. It not only enhances the beauty of the pool but also adds value to the property. When it comes to the house owner perspective, it adds an air of sophistication apart from serving as an important utility. Undoubtedly a WIN-WIN situation for them!

  • Tough & Built to Last Long

The glass, being durable and sturdy, holds a vital place when it comes to lasting long. Quality glass for pool fencing is exceptionally durable and can withstand some of the minor blows. Apart from this, the product from quality suppliers would make a house owner worry less on the ground of cracks, scratch, or any damage.


With numerous benefits, fencing with glass balustrade has been an excellent choice for the house owners in Sydney. It has always been an elegant and unique attachment giving a person a feeling of openness.