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4 Myths About The Flat Pack Cabinets In Sydney And The Corresponding Facts

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Home Improvement, Kitchen

Sometimes, cooking in the same surroundings for a long time makes you feel claustrophobic about the kitchen. You have a constant feeling that the space is not comfortable for working, and you are lacking storage space. The only solution to such a problem is to renovate the house. And the flat pack cabinets in Sydney are the central focal point of the remodelling project.

Misconceptions cloud facts

Unfortunately, homeowners have developed a few misconceptions that may refrain all of you from even trying the flat pack options. These myths have developed from wrong information and discussions among people who don’t know much about the flat pack structures. So this time, when you are searching for custom kitchen cabinets or someone close is on the hunt, just check out the collection of flat pack options. Once you know the facts, you will definitely not hold yourself back anymore. 

Cabinets are of inferior quality

This is probably the biggest myth about the flat pack style cabinets. There may have been some quality issues long back, but the manufacturers have come up with excellent quality materials to build the cabinets in the last few years. 

  • Some companies manufacture the cabinets from highly moisture-resistant particle boards that will be apt for kitchen use. The structures can withstand the moisture of the kitchen area without suffering from degradation.  
  • The materials of the flat pack cabinets in Sydney are also durable enough to last a lifetime. So the ROI is very high when you buy the flat packs. 

customization is not possible

And who said that to you? Again, a wrong message that will discourage many of you from buying the smart options. You will be happy to learn that the flat pack cabinets are available in modular sizes and also with the option of customization. Sometimes, the modular sizes fit so well that you may not need customization at all. But if you want to customize the dimensions, you are free to provide your requirements to the company. The finishing of the customized products is stunning. 

Minimal colour range

It is best to visit the stores selling the flat-pack custom kitchen cabinets to see yourself the variety of colours available in the market. There was a time when the flat-pack structures were available only in limited colour options, mostly white. As technological progress took place, the manufacturers could incorporate all colours in making these cabinets. Moreover, you can even get fantastic finishing with matte, timber, or glossy effects. 

Experience is mandatory for assembling

It is not right to believe that only a trained carpenter or expert professionals are essential for assembling the flat pack cabinets in Sydney. If you have customized the product, the measurements will be exact for a perfect fit. Follow the instructions for assembly, and the process is really easy. 

You can trust these facts and proceed with buying the flat pack style cabinets, which are not at all lower in quality or functionality than the modular ones.