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3 Things You Should Know About Fire Rated Windows

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Safety

In today’s modern world, the importance of more stylish and versatile windows is increasing faster than ever before. Although this is one of the changes that we have seen in the past couple of decades, the most primary concern for most homeowners remains the same and will surely continue to remain the same even after years. All homeowners are more concerned about the safety of their loved ones that reside inside the building than any other factor. The versatility and aesthetic beauty of the home are all secondary to them which is quite understandable. An important addition that ensures the safety of those residing in the home is the fire-rated windows. Here are 3 things that you should know as a homeowner about the fire rated windows and what makes them of such utmost importance in any home or residential building that you own.

What are these windows?

The fire-rated windows are specially designed windows that offer fire resistance. These windows are so manufactured and tested so that they can withstand high temperatures in case of an outbreak of a fire and the glass does not break easily causing the spreading of the fire in the whole building. It goes without saying that these windows are better than the ordinary windows when it comes to the safety aspect and so are highly used in places where safety is of utmost importance.

How are these windows different from ordinary windows?

The fire-rated windows are quite different from the ordinary windows based on the fact that they are designed and tested to act as a barrier in case of an outbreak of fire.  These windows are such that they do not allow the flames or even the smoke due to the fire outbreak to spread in the whole building. This is quite important when we consider the fact that it is not just the flame but also the smoke which becomes a reason for people fainting and thereby getting caught inside of the home with a fire outbreak. This ability of the fire-rated windows to literally block the spread of flames and smoke and the ability to withstand high temperatures for a considerable duration of time makes them quite different or more superior than the ordinary windows.

Are all fire-rated windows the same?

No. Similar to the difference in how one uses every room inside the house and how differently it is designed, the fire-rated windows are also not the same for all purposes. Different types of fire-rated windows have different ratings and those can withstand different temperatures for different durations of time. This makes it easier for you to use them in different places according to the necessity because there is also the affordability factor that comes into play when one goes about choosing the higher-rated windows.


In addition to all these important things that one should know about the fire-rated windows, one should also understand that it is important that you hire a reliable and trustworthy professional to install these windows correctly as per the safety standards.