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3 Ethical Link Building Strategies for SEO & Marketing Professionals

by | May 13, 2021 | Travel

Anyone who wishes to improve their rank on the Google SERP must follow a few effective link-building strategies. Link building is the process of acquiring links from other high DR websites pointing towards your page or domain. 

There are many link-building strategies and tactics on the internet. However, you should only deploy ethical link building strategies in your SEO campaign. Whether you are a business owner or working in a particular Sydney-based digital marketing agency, ethical link building is the way forward. 

So, let’s head over to three ethical link-building strategies for any SEO & Marketing professional in Sydney without any beating around the bush. 

3 Strategies For Your Link Building Campaign 2021

1.Provide Tips & Information As Per The Journalistic Standards

Many high domain rating websites out there want people to contribute to their blogs and articles. However, they only accept high-quality content for this requirement. You must provide valuable tips, how-to, pieces of information in line with the highest journalistic standards of today. Although it takes lots of effort to produce and post such content on high DR blogs and websites, the rewards are worth the efforts.   

So, how would you find which blogs and websites are looking for contributors? Well, you could always use a tool for this task. In SEO and digital marketing, using a tool is something that almost every Sydney digital marketing agency does. These tools will list the most influential bloggers with whom you can contact immediately. 

These bloggers are verified, and they possess websites with high domain ratings. However, you have to make sure that you find a tightly relevant niche website for your contribution. You don’t want to acquire a link to your product from a page that doesn’t remotely relate to your product.

2.Reclaim Links On The Internet

Many top link building experts emphasise broken link building. When you search for your old backlinks, if a few of them are broken, you can ask the website owner to replace them (probably with new ones). However, you might not find many links that would yield a reasonable conversion rate for your pages. 

So, why not entirely drop this idea of putting your resources into fixing broken backlinks? And instead, focus on link reclamation. How does that sound? Whether you own a website or run a Sydney-based digital marketing agency, it will surely give you an edge. 

In link reclamation, you find websites and blogs that have mentioned your brand name but haven’t linked it with your website. This is an excellent opportunity to grab some valuable backlinks for your website. And to expedite this process much faster, you can always use tools such as Ahrefs. 

In the content explorer section of Ahrefs, enter your brand’s name and filter five high-domain authority links. Remember, you should only target one link per domain from this tool. Once you have done that, start reclaiming the links and redirect them to relevant and tightly niched landing pages.

3.Guest Posting

Although many people believe that guest posting has become irrelevant, the results and traffic driven by guest posts say otherwise. In 2021, you can still harness the best out of guest posting, only if you play it smart. You should ditch the strategy of guest posting for a few bucks here and there. Instead, you should focus on creating high-quality content for guest posting forums. 

Along with creating quality-enriched content, you should emphasise building a connection with the website or blog owner. Now and then, you should communicate with them and ask them if they need any help. Website owners are always looking for people to post content on their websites. And guest posting is a valuable asset in your locker room. 

Long-term guest posting strategies with high DR websites is a much better strategy than relying upon the spammy ones. 

So, do you run a Sydney-based business website and need a digital marketing agency for ethical SEO link building? Visit Zeal Digital as our digital marketers know how to bring the best out of every brick-and-mortar website in Sydney. Call us now!