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3 Enticing Qualities Your Stone Water Wall Is Adding to Your Home

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Business, Shopping

Throughout human history, water has been vital for survival. All historic civilizations grew around water bodies, especially rivers. So, it’s not surprising that running water sounds are extremely pleasing to our ears. Water sounds resonate with us at deeper levels. These sounds have been proven to increase the serotonin levels in our bodies. Unfortunately, thanks to how modern societies function, for most of us, it’s nearly impossible to reside near rivers, lakes, or other water bodies.

Thankfully, technology allows us to have mini-waterfalls in our homes. The Stone Water Wall is an amazing invention that keeps our ears exposed to the pleasant sound of running water 24×7. Install one in your backyard or your balcony, and you’ll create an uber-peaceful region in your house for a long time. 

Here’s why these artificial water walls made of stone are so good for your home and for you – 

Creates white noise:

The relaxing sound of water when it hits hard natural stone pieces is equivalent to white noise. People with hearing difficulties are often prescribed to listen to white noise to counteract intrusive noise. Since wearing earplugs 24×7 or taking sleeping tablets are not healthy options for such people, water walls made of natural stone offer the perfect natural alternative. The soundwaves that running water creates is rhythmic and when played continuously in the background, can stimulate certain regions of the brain to make us feel very calm and relaxed. 

Easier to re-sell your property: 

A high-quality stone water wall is almost synonymous with class and luxury. In case you decide to list your property up for sale, it’ll be much easier to attract buyers. One picture of your property with a few high-quality stone features in your backyard is guaranteed to draw users. Homes look much more expensive when they have natural stone features, making re-selling processes a whole lot easier. 

Good for your health:

Here are some ways in which stone water walls can benefit your physical and mental health – 

  • The relaxing sounds convert noise-polluted backyards into serene spaces. 
  • These stones are ideal work-out partners; stretch your body but relax your mind listening to the white noise created by your water walls! 
  • Relieve your stress in a way our ancestors did – by meditating while listening to the sounds of water hitting rocks! 
  • Stone water walls also act as natural air purifiers. They prevent the air inside our homes from losing or gaining moisture. The balanced air is ten times healthier than regular air. People usually use artificial humidifiers to keep their indoor plants moisturized and healthy. Water walls are basically extremely good-looking humidifiers. 
  • The water on these structures creates negative ions that attract dust particles. The overall health of your garden or room will improve a lot as you start breathing fresh and healthy air all the time. 

Since water walls run non-stop, a feeling of immense relaxation 24×7 is guaranteed! Plus, natural stones vary in their texture, colour, and density. Different types of stones create different types of noises when hit by streams of water. So, technically, you can pick a ‘soundtrack’ of running water for your backyard!