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1 Things To Consider Before Going For Vinyl Flooring

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Home Improvement

Has it been hard for the people of Chatswood to go for vinyl flooring? It is a bit complex to understand what it refers to and how it truly works. The material in vinyl flooring is made up of polyvinyl chloride plastic. It is heated up nicely and compressed and that’s how vinyl tiles or planks are formed. 

Before you buy it, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Let’s look at some of them:- 

  • The Type Of Flooring

There are majorly two types of vinyl flooring Chatswood. One of them is sheet flooring and another one is tile flooring. When we talk about sheet flooring, it is in the range of 6 to 12 feet in terms of width. While tile flooring comes in sizes of 9 or 12 square inches. While sheet flooring can be expensive, tile flooring would prove to be economical. So if we look at vinyl flooring as a whole, it is meant for the people who can bear much cost as well as for those of them who have a strict budget. You have to decide which way you belong to but you will also have to understand the durability factor here. Sheet flooring will always prove to be more quality and a long-term solution than tile flooring. 

  • The Type Of Finishes 

The finishing touch to Vinyl Flooring can be differentiated as well. It can be divided into three parts majorly. One is a no-wax finish. This can be used in areas where there’s not much foot traffic. It is the lightest type of finish. It doesn’t take much time to do it either, as you would have imagined by now anyway. Another type of finish is urethane finish. Under this, heavy duties are supposed to be undertaken. It is also very durable if it’s done right. This is easy to clean too which adds to the factor of durability. The last type of finish is an enhanced urethane finish. This one is supposed to take the longest period of time to get done and is also the toughest of them all. No matter how hard the scratches and stains are, it is easily able to get rid of all such things. Now it’s upon you which finish you want to choose, there are clearly many options available.

  • Design And Color 

The heavy-duty is supposed to be done with the help of the type of the flooring as well as its finishing with vinyl flooring. But the design and color have to play a role as well. You can choose the best material and it might end up being durable too but the design and color have to be satisfactory at many levels as well. Since you’re living in a place like Chatswood, you would want your vinyl flooring to stand apart. The design and color completely depend on a person’s choice.

With these three points in consideration, you may end up choosing the vinyl flooring that’s most suitable to you. Give it a good time before you reach a conclusive stage!