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10 Ways In Which Engineered Timber Floor Is Best

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Home Improvement

Timber looks different. It is elegant. It does not get damaged. It withstands rotting for years. But that’s not all!

Engineered timber is an ideal flooring material. Prefinished engineered timber flooring is a better choice.

  • The material has better quality
  • It lasts for a longer time
  • It is not expensive

There are other benefits to this material when compared to other floor materials.

1. Easy To Install

Quality prefinished engineered timber flooring is easy to install. You can follow different techniques to install. You can select the process based on location. You can hire hardwood flooring Sydney team to install, even in volatile conditions.

2. Best Option For Concrete And Ceramic

Concrete and ceramic, need ideal conditions. You may not be able to use concrete if surface radiates heat. Ceramic will get damaged if conditions are not the best.

Expert hardwood flooring Sydney team will suggest using timber floors. The material will resist extreme temperature and humidity.

3. Simple Installation

If you use timber, it does not need a complex machine or tools to install. The process is budget-friendly. Simple hammer and nail will do the job.

To lay down prefinished engineered timber flooring you have to prepare wooden framework. You have to nail the planks on the frame.

4. Certified Material

Timber is best. You can buy certified timber material from the local store. Certified timber will last for many years. Hardwood flooring Sydney dealers will suggest best quality.

When you invest money, you can guarantee quality material. The material is first choice for many.

5. Affordable

Timber is not expensive. Ceramic and concrete are never cheap. Timber may not need a replacement for years. Ceramic gets damaged. Concrete gets dull with time

This is not an issue with timber. Hardwood flooring Sydney dealers, suggest timber, for quality. The material is the best value for your money.

6. Unexpected Results

This is where timber differs. You can combine it or use it in many ways. Concrete and ceramic do not follow the same trend. When using timber, you can combine the same floor in many ways.

This helps create style and trend. For the same material, you can create different styles for each room. Invest your money in quality prefinished engineered timber flooring.

7. No Need For Subfloor

To install concrete and ceramic, you need subfloor. This is the base made up of sand and other material. You have to rest the tiles on top of the subfloor.

If you select prefinished engineered timber flooring you don’t need subfloor. The wooden frame will do the trick. You do not need base material to use timber floor.

8.  Better Tolerance

Timber is a better tolerant material. Quality hardwood flooring Sydney is resistant to impact. You drop a heavy hammer on the floor, it does not get damaged.

If you use ceramic or concrete, the tile may break. So timber is the best choice for tolerant material.

9. Aesthetic

Timber is aesthetic. It looks elegant. You have different colours and designs to select. The choice is never limited. This makes it more aesthetic for use. 

10. Versatile

Timber is rustic and modern. Using the material you can create any indoor look. The material is timeless and cohesive. For homes, this is the best material.