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10 Unconventional Knowledge About Hospitality Management Course In Kolkata

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Education

It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Although they are the most potent source of wisdom and knowledge, you cannot always rely on them for all your information. Studying hotel management requires one to be efficient not only on their exam papers but also in their personality.

If you are an aspiring hotel manager then let s give you some insider tips and tricks. Before taking up a hospitality management course in Kolkata, go through the following insider trade secrets to making an impact that no one else can.

Team Work and Negotiation Skills

The ability to work in a team is not an optional project if you are willing to become a hospitality manager. It will be a part of your job to be able to coordinate among your team members and resolve any disputes whatsoever. There can often be clashes among the employee and you need to negotiate the disputes among them with reasoning and pragmatic perspective.

Learn to take everyone’s opinions into account and then bring the most reasonable solution to the table which accommodates everyone’s interest. 

Fluent Verbal Communication

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or a man of few words when you are a hotel manager. You need to have good command over your language and be fluent in the same. It is good to have an upper hand in this department. You will exude more confidence and greater stature with fluent English communication skills.

A Rational State of Mind

People in managerial positions have to take a lot of departments into account. They need to be able to coordinate the work among all the different departments without any hindrance. To make that possible, one has to have a practical and rational state of mind always.

You cannot let anything cloud your judgment at any given point. No one can teach you to be more rational than your inner self-determination.

100% Problem-Solving Attitude

As a hotel manager, you can have two kinds of attitude. You can either be a critical person who jumps to the conclusion over a problem or choose to have a problem-solving attitude with everything. We will recommend you to be the latter one. 

A manager who lives with the philosophy of problem-solving will never face any troubles in succeeding. You will be able to tackle issues quicker than most. Having an attitude of solving issues generates a more positive atmosphere of work. 

Delegation and Leadership

As a hotel manager, there will be people who will be counting on you and relying upon you for input, information, and commands. You need to learn to delegate the work among your employees as per their capabilities of performance. 

Without adequate leadership, the productivity level is bound to fall in shambles. A good leader knows how to delegate tasks among his employees and that too with efficiency. 

People Skills are a Must

No book in the world can teach you to be a people pleaser. Having said that, when you are doing hotel management, keep in mind to become a cordial people pleaser. It is very important o be polite, kind, well-spoken and soft-spoken to your guests and clients.

Hotel managers can never lose their temper in front of the guests. You need to have people skills and be cordial with the masses in the hotels for your reputation.

It is a must-have and makes sure you are preemptive to this fact before taking up this course.

A Fair Knowledge of Everything

In the due course of your hotel management training, you will learn a little bit about all the tasks done at a hotel. Once you become a manager, make sure you are attentive to all the departments with your working perspective. Sounds confusing? Let me simplify that for you.

Since you have to monitor and delegate all the tasks, you need to empathize with the workload, pressure, and everyone’s strengths at the same. In that way, you will be able to delegate the right work to the right people. 

IT Skills

Contrary to popular belief, hotel managers need to have a working knowledge of certain computer software. You will need to know them for the collection, analysis, and presentation of information in the form of spreadsheets and databases. Excel, PowerPoint, and Marketing are some other miscellaneous things that you also need to know.

Time Management

 This is probably the most unconventional thing that there is about being hotel management professional. Since you have to take care of the functioning of a whole hotel; you need to have an effective time management strategy at hand. 

Build a time management strategy that will help you gain the maximum benefits in terms of productivity.

A Continual Learning Curve

Last but not the least; you need to have a constant learning state of mind to be successful. You cannot attain any kind of success if you do not keep learning at all times. It is a dynamic industry where new trends are up for your grabs at all times.

We hope this article helped you to get some tricks under your sleeves. Go ahead and enroll for a hospitality management course straight away. Reach out to us if you have any queries or doubts.