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10 Questions To Ask a Photo Booth Hire

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Business

It can be quite an overwhelming and daunting task to choose the right photo booth hire in Sydney. There are many companies with varied features to choose from. It can turn out to be quite a herculean task to narrow down on the best photo booth hire in Sydney. There can be quite a few factors that would go into deciding on the photo booth, like choosing a photo booth that suits your budget as well as gives you quality. Finding a good company for a photo booth that gives you the attention and ensures you have a good experience, is very important.

Choosing the right photo booth hire in Sydney

Here are ten questions that you need to ask before you narrow down on the photo booth hire in Sydney of your choice: 

  • Is the company licensed and insured? If you are taking time to choose the photo booth company, you might as well ensure that the company is licensed and insured, because a lot can go wrong in an event and the photo booth hire should be well equipped to handle it.
  • What kind of photo booths they have? While some companies offer only an upgraded tablet, there are others who take time in investing in professional, high-quality photo booths.
  • What is included in the deal? Make sure you clarify from before what is included along with the photo booth in the deal—props, prints, backdrops. Make sure you clarify the price and what is included in that price—set up and tear down, how many hours of service, will copies of photos be shared, etc.
  • What features does the photo booth have? Modern photo booths offer a myriad of features like digital images, social media sharing, different sized prints, and even animated GIFs. Make sure you ask the company from before what all features, they can offer you.
  • What will the photos look like? The quality of the photo is very important if you go for prints. Ask for samples from previous events to ensure you get good quality photos.
  • What does the setup look like? Make sure you ask from before what the photo booth setup looks like and ask them to share pictures. Also, ask by what time the setup and tear down would happen.
  • Does the booth have an attendant? Your guests need to figure out how to use the photo booth, else all your efforts would go in vain. Ask the company if they provide an attendant before you hire them.
  • How many sessions the guests are entitled to have? Make sure you clarify from before that the guests should not be allowed to just one session, if not allowed unlimited sessions!
  • Can the photo booth be accommodated in the venue? If the company is using a behemoth booth, then a small-sized venue will not be able to fit it. Hence clarify the size of the photo booth vis-à-vis your venue.
  • What are your reviews? Make sure you check the reviews of previous customers before you finalize on the company.